May 10, 2004

5.10.2004 Pain

So I went to the dentist this morning. Have I mentioned what a dental weenie I am? I love my dentist to bits, don't get me wrong. When I originally starting going to him ten years ago, he was a children's dentist. I ended up there on a visit with the Child. He pulled my last two wisdom teeth and treated me quite well. He even remembered my huge fear of needles and the novoacaine shots.

Normally he will try to work on me without giving me any shots. Evidently the work I had done this morning warranted shots. I had one deeper filling that needed filled and another filling that was also an old silver filling that needed repaired.

I am glad I didn't know about the shots until he practically had the damn needle in my mouth. No time to freak out, no time to reschedule for next year some time. "I know how much you hate this....we'll be done in a second. I'm sorry!" Stealth dentristy at it's finest.

When I got into work I sounded like I had spent the night at the bar. My upper left and lower right parts of my mouth were completely numb. My tongue was more than half numb. I felt like my lips were swollen and dragging down. I worried about drool. Mostly though I was sad that I couldn't eat breakfast.

The feeling is finally coming back to my face. This is both a good and bad thing. Good because I can drink from my water bottle without freaking out that it is half hot/half cold water. I can also worry less about the drool-factor. Bad beacuse now my back right jaw is killing me.

I'm pretty much ready for today to just be done and over with.

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