May 09, 2004

Mother's Day

I don't know if my child even remembers that it is Mother's Day. She is still sleeping but I'll wake her up in a little bit to make sure she's got time to do her laundry today. She did say something about not being taken to the store but she never asked if I would take her so I think it is safe to assume that I'll just be getting a "Happy Mother's Day" from her.

I got to talk to John on the phone and computer yesterday morning. It was so nice hearing his voice. He's doing pretty good. We had more fun chatting on IM (no bad phone connections!) and he was in rare form. He's pretty much insisting that I go to my 20-year reunion and said he'd go with me if he is home at that time. I got gems like "No really, I promise to wear underwear to the reunion and everything!" and after telling me that he'd stand in the airport with a sign that says "Home on leave I need a flight to see my wife". You just gotta love him!

I'm spending most of today recording all the stuff on the TiVos for John. I'm having the best time watching the Friends retrospective. I had missed it on Thursday since I was out watering the grass after the wives meeting. After all the recording I can make sure I've got plenty of space to record all the Survivor stuff that is on tonight. I'm sure John will be happy to hear that I've got another shipment of tapes to send off this coming week.

So I guess I'll be looking at airfare today and seeing if I can find any deals to Ohio. Anyone know of any?

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