May 03, 2004


What I neglected to update you all about on Sunday was this...

On Saturday night I was interviewed on the news. The main theme of the interview was supposed to be about a website specific to the Strykers. We did quite a bit of talking about the website and the forum, but I also answered some questions about what it feels like when news of deaths from where my husband is come out of Iraq. Obviously most of my answers didn't get aired.

Let me tell you what happens...

First you see if a brigade is mentioned. If it just says TFO then you can usually just talk yourself into believing that it has nothing to do with the Strykers. If the news specifically says "Stryker Brigade" then it gets a little tougher. Was a specific unit mentioned? Did it mention any specific equipment? I know that my husband doesn't usually climb inside an actual Stryker, so if that is mentioned in the article I can relax.

Basically the rundown is you sort of stand a little more still, hold your breath a little bit more and hope that your phone doesn't ring or that people in uniform don't show up at your door.

It is very hard to read the news of is hard because I know what's going to happen. Someone is going to get a visit. Someone is going to get called. Someone is going to be told that a loved one is never coming home. Just knowing that is going on is hard. Harder when it is someone within our brigade.

The reporters went a little overboard with some of the desctiptions. It was not a "torturous" night. No, I didn't spend the evening "refreshing the page, fearing the next headline." Actually, I went home, poured a glass of wine and quietly freaked out about the interview with a friend. She kept sending me messages of encouragement. I watched the first broadcast at 10pm and immediately told her how stupid I looked and sounded. I still sort of feel that way. My boss told me to stop freaking about how I looked, that I look a lot better (read "thinner") in person. That made me feel a little better. After seeing the interview it looked like the guy was zooming in on my chin and at such an angle as to make it look like I was part of an asian phone book.

Anyway, if you want to see it, it is here. Beware! It is about 29 MB and you need to have Quicktime installed to see it. If anyone knows how to a) make it into another format and b) make it smaller, please let me know!

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