May 01, 2004


Well...happy May Day!

I honestly can't believe that it is May already. That would be a good thing. Almost six months down since John left. A little more than six months to go, hopefully.

Life is just trucking right along around here. Things in the garden are slowly coming to life. There are still two rose bushes that have no new growth and it makes me sad to think that I have to replace them. Not sure what I will put in there since I don't think I can find new roses to put in there.

The Child got her report card and I wasn't pleased. Grades dropped over the last half of the quarter and she's grounded again. We're working pretty hard on making sure her final grades are presentable.

She got her braces this past Thursday. I'll post some pictures later today. The actual visit wasn't too bad and she really wasn't in pain until that evening. No colored band this visit. I like the orthodontist! They use the colored bands as a reward for taking good care of their teeth. She really wants them so I think she's brushing her teeth about four times a day and flossing twice a day. Good dental habits are good no matter what the motivation, right?

Well, it is about time to go unload the lawnmower from the truck and have her cut the grass. I need to do a bunch of trimming as well as watering and pinching back some flowers. We're still here, mostly alive and kicking.

Oh, and I was quoted in today's paper.

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