April 27, 2004


I'm taking a quick mental break from work. I've been typing letters all morning and my brain is pretty much mush at this point.

It is windy as hell right now. I keep eyeing the big pine tree outside my window to make sure it doesn't fall on the house. Of course, the weather can't decide if it should be sunny and windy, sunny and calm, cloudy and windy, cloudy and windy as fuck, raining sideways because of high winds or some various combination of those previously mentioned.

I went out to dinner with a few friends this past Friday night. Had the fish instead of the steak. And y'all thought you knew me so well! We'd stopped at the sex-toy store before dinner. It was actually a fun stop and yes, I did make a few purchases. John is the only one that gets to know what I bought.

The Child is still perpetually grounded. Yesterday I caught her using my laptop instead of doing her homework. In addition to not doing her homework, she hadn't done the list of three chores that I left for her to do. This being the day after I did ALL the laundry in the house AND scrubbed her shower out for her AND cleaned the kitchen while she was down at the lake with her friends. (Occasionally on the weekends I'll surprise her and let her out of the house, if for no other reason than to give me a break from the constant sighs of discontent.) She did sort of make me laugh as I was making dinner. She came in and said, "Mom, I know how much this sounds like I'm sucking up, but really, I'm very sorry about not admitting to using your computer. I promise I won't do it again."

To make up for it (or to get back at me...I'm not quite sure which) she put my hair in pigtails this morning. I feel like I'm five. She thinks I look "cool".

Nothing else is really going on right now. Not much new is blooming yet in the garden so there isn't much point in going out there to take pictures. Work is still going well. I'm still arguing with the Child about the colored bands that will go on her teeth in a few days. I'm tempted to let her go ahead and do the black like she wants....just so that she has to live with the icky look for weeks. After that I can just exert executive rule and pick the colors. I'm bossy like that.

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