April 23, 2004


Go read this.

Now go look here. What I really want you to look at is the picture. I want you to click the little link that says "enlarge". I want you to see it.

Are you offended? Are you saddened? Are you shocked to see the photo?

Over 700 Americans have lost their lives in Iraq. According to "policy", you shouldn't see them once the smiling pictures have been posted to the various websites and televison screens. You shouldn't see them because it jolts you back to the reality that they are dead. Those are dead soldiers underneath those flags. Those are dead fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and friends. Dead. "Policy" seems to dictate that the last image you should have of those brave souls is some old picture from the archives. Pictures from a happier time. Pictures that show you the living, not the dead.

I cannot imagine the grief that the families of those killed must feel. I don't want to imagine it. I don't want to...and neither do you. The government doesn't want you to imagine it. It is too easy for someone to stand up in front of a podium and tell you how great things are going. If you see the pictures...well, that doesn't look like things are well, does it?

If each casket had a little sign sticking up telling you who was in there, that would be an invasion of privacy. As it is, each identical casket coverd with an identical flag, carefully held in place...it shows you the respect that is paid to a fallen fellow soldier, sailor, airman or marine.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for the military and civilian personnel that are tasked almost daily with transporting the remains of the dead. I sit here in my chair, in my home, my child and belongings around me and those pictures make me cry. I don't think that I could do their job. I don't think that I could stay composed enough after seeing just one casket, let alone an airplane full of them.

I really don't care if you think we should be "there" or not. I really don't care if you agree that the pictures shouldn't be shown. Almost every day heros are being killed. My tears are the respect I show.

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