April 19, 2004


This "being a good parent" stuff is fucking hard.

My head is hurting so bad right now I could just about cry.

I just got back to work a little bit ago from picking up the Child from school. She called and said she had a headache and the nurse said her temp was a touch over 99. I went and picked her up and took her straight home. Thinking ahead, she was smart enough to get the assignments for the rest of the day. This would be because she got her ass chewed yet again this morning for lying to me about having homework done.

I don't know what makes her think that I'm stupid enough to believe her now. It was made quite clear to her that the level of trust in her has dropped to about zero. I have talked and talked and talked and talked about her decisions and yet she keeps making the same stupid decisions. Yet again, everything has been taken away. No distractions. Nothing else to occupy her time besides her homework. If she finds the internet or TV or radio so enticing as to keep her from doing her homework and thus "forcing" her to lie to be about the fact that it is done, well then I'll just take it all away.

I want to believe her. I want to think that she's making good choices. I would like to stop needing to contstantly be on her ass about every single thing she does. When I do...she just ends up making bad decisions again.

How do you make your child have new friends? How can you convince a child that surrounding themself with "good" people makes their life so much easier? How do you make a child understand the whole "guilt by association" idea?

She just called me to let me know that she's still working on her homework and that she'd "clean up around the house" when she's done.

Think she knows she fucked up again?

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