April 08, 2004


Last night I really wished that John was home. It was hard and mentally exhausting and physically draining. It was anguish I tell you!

Yes...I had to fill out all the paperwork for the WildChild to enter high school.

We have a parent's night meeting on the 22nd so that I can hear all about the school and her new classes and whatnot. We picked out some classes for her to take next year. She wasn't all that jazzed about all the required courses and was a bit upset with me that I picked Spanish over an art class. A language class might not be required to graduate here but by golly is is with this mother. She is going to be a busy girl next year but she will thank me when she's a Junior and Senior.

When in the hell did this happen? Wasn't she just entering Kindergarten? When did my child get old enough to have men looking at her and PMS and boys calling the house?

I totally understand why Rapunzel was up in that tower.

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