April 03, 2004


There are new pictures here.

Yes, I cut my hair.

Yes, I planted a LOT of flowers today. I'm already dying for my hanging baskets to hurry up and grow and bloom. I should have an obscene amount of flowers pretty soon.

I'm trying to decide where to put the morning glory and moonflowers. I was reading on a gardening forum how they will just climb up fishing line, so I might try putting them in the front bed by the rose bush I hate and just stringing line up and down there...like a wall of flowers. Hey, if I did that and it works, I could stand at the kitchen sink naked and do dishes!

The roses are doing quite well, though a few of the new ones don't have much new growth (ok, two aren't showing any at all!) but I fed them today and I'm hoping that all the sunshine for the next week will jumpstart them.

I missed talking to John tonight by about 20 minutes because I was outside finishing up the repotting of the flowers and taking pictures. I always hate it when I miss him because it seems like forever before we get another chance to talk. I do like the fact that I can message him on Yahoo and he'll get it when he logs in. I don't think we've sent an actual email in weeks now because of it.

Other than that, all seems to be well. The child has calmed down a lot, though she still won't tell me why she had the razorblade. She understands the whole grounding thing and that just because I let her listen to music for an hour doesn't mean all punishment is forgiven. She's in the middle of cleaning out her room since I told her it needed to be spotless before she leaves for the summer.

Work is going great. I think I'm going to go buy some pretty violas for the window boxes and plant them tomorrow as a surprise for everyone. We're going to be busy for the next few weeks and that is fine with me. Time seems to just be flying by even though John is gone. I know it is mostly because I'm so busy during the day. I still can't believe it is April already. In a few weeks he'll have been gone for five months. Three more until I can see him again!

I am going to go find something to drink and pop a movie into the laptop, just in case he finds some time to log back in to chat with me. I'd love for him to see my hair :)

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