March 31, 2004


Not a lot going on other than the Child being grounded again.

She lied to me (again!) about her homework and when I went through her bookbag I found a few tardy slips. She takes the bus...there is no reason to be tardy. I also found another damn razor in her wallet. I've talked until I'm blue in the face, trying to find out WHY she would have another one on her. I explained a hundred times about being suspended or expelled. I get a string of "I don't know why I had it" and "I found it" lies, so obviously she isn't going to tell me. I did the cursory look to make sure she's not cutting herself (she isn't) and the razor doesn't even look to have been opened (it is the one-sided kind you would use in a scraper) so I don't think it was used for drugs or anything more illicit than just "having it".

We're back to no TV, no internet, no walkmans, no radios, no playstation...nothing but homework and housework. Her grades went way up when I did it before and then were sliding back down when she got some of those back. I'm just not going to stand for it any longer. If she has to be grounded until she gets on the plane to go visit gran, so be it. For that matter, I've threatened her with just wasting the airplane ticket. The money has already been spent and I'd waste it in a heartbeat if she doesn't shape the hell up.

We have talked and talked and talked about making good decisions and also facing the consequences of bad decisions. She's made some bad ones this week and now has to face the music for lying. I don't know how to impress upon her that these are things she just HAS to do. She HAS to do her homework. She HAS to try her best in school. She HAS to do her chores. She sees me go to work every day, do my laundry during the week, attempt to keep the house at least picked up, etc etc. She thinks that just going to school should be enough, and that since her friends don't have chores to do she shouldn't have to do any either. We're still arguing over the fact that she can't even remember to feed the fish or check the litterbox every day. These are things she has had on her chores list for years...yet she claims she forgets. Every. Single. Damn. Day. She doesn't want to do her laundry because she said she would rather just sit and relax. I swear to you all, I'm NOT making her stand at the washer while it is running! I explained that I like to relax as well but that putting the clothes in the washer takes all of about three minutes and then she can relax for the time that it is running. Another two minutes to put clothes in the dryer and another hour of relaxing. She doesn't get it.

I don't like her friends. I don't like this school system. I would do just about anything to NOT have her be in high school here next year. I am seriously worried about it. Right now, I completely understand why parents pay an arm and a leg for private schools. I would if I could afford it.

Time to go to work and plant roses there.

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