March 23, 2004


Holy cow...when did it get to be the 23rd already?

We're slowly getting the garden all ready to go. Some of the tomato seedlings are now starting to sprout their true leaves. I can't blieve so many of the seedlings are doing so well. I'm going to have to give away some of the tomato plants if they all do this well. I put the spaghetti squash seedlings out already. They were all over the place here in the kitchen and seemed pretty strong. Do they go on a trellis or something? I should probably go get a few anyway. I need some for the flowers anyway.

Most of the roses are sprouting all kinds of new growth. I am just dying for about June/July to get here so that I can see them all in bloom. I go out there in the mornings before work and sort of cheer them on, "C'mon new growth! So pretty!"

The lawn doesn't look nearly as nice as it did last year. Of course, not bad enough for me to consider de-thatching again. I put down some moss-out stuff that has fertilizer in it. Yes John, I remembered to water it afterwards so that it wouldn't burn. We need to spend some quality time out there with a rake getting up some dead stuff and making room for new grass to grow. I think this coming weekend will be dry enough to do some raking and another pass with the lawnmower.

Time to get dressed for work.

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