March 19, 2004


I know, I writing makes for a very boring journal. Whatever.

I did have a lovely afternoon. I spent much of it messaging John in between work. Once things calmed down and I was pretty much wrapped up, I spent a bit of time looking at homes and then pasting the URLs to him. I had to laugh when he asked if we could please look at homes less than $250K. I found some that we could actually afford and he actually liked them. One or two even had pools. My theory on the pool is that if I have one, that is just less entertainment costs for me. I'm quite content to just lay by the pool.

I get to play bad cop again this weekend with the Child. She's supposed to be doing an assignment for her language arts class. She wasn't allowed to bring the book home so I went and bought her one at the bookstore today after work. Her latest excuse is that she doesn't know what is going on in the book because "they talk with southern accents". I told her to pretend she's listening to John's family. She isn't buying it and I'm not letting her watch TV in the meantime. Welcome to my hell.

I have two blueberry plants to find a place to plant tomorrow. I think I will put them in one of the barrels. Last year we had one and I think it was killed by the roots of the raspberry vine. The website told me that two work together best, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more than just a few damn berries this year.

I'm going to go curl up in bed with a book in my hands and an ear open for the TV in the other room.

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