March 05, 2004

03.05.2004 part two

Oh, I have nice friends! One just invited me to dinner so I'm going.

And I forgot, there is a whole bunch of new pictures up from John. Go here to see them.

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Remember that part where I said the WildChild was behaving?

Scratch that.

Playing the role of BadCop this evening is me. Unfortunate for her there is nobody else here to play GoodCop...not that I'd let them. I just sent her to her TV, no electronics, no dinner.

I also forbid her to see the friend that she was with. Ever. That girl is not allowed to call my house or knock on my door. It seems to me that every time the Child is with this "friend", she ends up in trouble.

What did she do? She wanted to go hang out at the park with the friend. I gave her 90 minutes because I wanted to go to the store. I told her twice to take her watch and be back at 5:30.

At about 6:15 I got in the car, drove by the park (not there) and then drove up and down all the streets that she could have taken to walk home. About five minutes after I got home I saw her walking up the street. Her excuse is that she forgot her watch and lost track of time. She also claims that they walked home "the long way". I don't believe her and it kills me that she thinks I'm naive enough to believe either lie.

She's grounded again from the computer, TV, radio, guitar...basically anything that she might enjoy doing. And she's not leaving the house except to go to school.

Me? I'm going to open a nice shiraz, enjoy some Friday night TV and call it a night.

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