March 04, 2004


Update on car window: It started working as soon as I pulled into the carport last night. After I'd gone through three gates, opening the door each time to pass my ID card out. Stupid car.

Update on garden: I still haven't planted the roses. They are pretty happy in their little boxes and I'm keeping them damp. I have a meeting to go to this evening but I think we'll do some seed starting while we watch Survivor.

Mini-roses update: One didn't make it, one is already budding. Go figure.

Update on WildChild: Improving in school. Claims to be improving her attitude. Not quite convinced myself, but hey, I'm the mom. Still angry at me for grounding her off the computer.

Update on John: Quiet. Not getting as much email from him as I had been. Did get to spend an hour chatting with him last Sunday morning. Getting a sinking feeling that his box with chocolates and bed sheets (no subliminal message planted in THAT box!) was stolen. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is just taking a long time because it was the heaviest. Putting together another package with Girl Scout Cookies. And no, the Child and I haven't had even one cookie.

Update on house: Still standing. We're taking it as a good sign. We haven't had anything break, explode, leak, drip, drop, or seep on us.

Update on me: Still here, still kickin'.

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