March 02, 2004


Ya know, I'm pretty damn pleased with myself. All the bills are paid for this payday and I've got a nice chunk of change left in which to pay on our debts. Sending out large checks is scary, but getting back a statement that says the balance is now WAY lower is super great.

I'm hoping to: have a credit card completely paid off, the bed paid off, a trip to Vegas booked and paid for, money saved to gamble, all other bills current and paid up to date. So far so good.

Of course, today was the day the window in the Jetta decided to break again. I'm going with my theory that it knows when I don't really have money to spend on it and picks that minute to stop working again. Shall we take bets that it is working again next payday?

Other than that, not much going on here. Haven't had to try and fix anything lately and I'm taking that as a good sign.

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