February 24, 2004


mar·riage ( P )

The legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife.
The state of being married; wedlock.
A common-law marriage.
A union between two persons having the customary but usually not the legal force of marriage: a same-sex marriage.
A wedding.
A close union.

Ya know, I was doing just fine, having a good time reading about all the lovely weddings happening in San Francisco. I had some flowers sent anonymously to a couple waiting in line. I shed tears reading stories about lifelong partners finally having a slip of paper that says they are married. I continually just kept thinking how totally cool it is, this "thing" that is happening in San Francisco.

Then today the damn President had to open his damn mouth and state that "Our government should respect every person and protect the institution of marriage," he said. "There is not a contradiction between these responsibilities."

Not a contradiction? How can you respect every person yet say that a certain set of people should not have the same rights and privileges that the rest of America have? Who said he gets to decide what the definition of marriage is, anyway?

There are couples in this country who have spent their lives together. Couples who have, for all intents and purposes, been married without the benefit of a slip of paper saying it was legal. Couples who have pledged their lives to one another (as is done in a marriage) and, besides being partners of the same sex, provided a wonderful example of what marriage can be. That is: being with someone in good times and bad, think and thin, richer and poorer...the works. And doing it for decades at a time. Doing it for decades knowing that legally they have no rights, no benefits of being a spouse. Doing it because they love one another and, really now, isn't THAT what marriage is supposed to be? Don't we get get married because we find "the one" and want to grow old with them, share our lives with them? Don't we get married not only for love but tax and social security benefits once we reach our golden years?

I honestly can not fathom why people are so afraid of gay people getting married. What is the threat? It isn't like we heteros are setting a stellar example some days. Yes Britney, I'm looking at you. What is it about gay people being married that scares so many people? Are you afraid they'll leave the blinds up while they have sex? Don't you sometimes leave the blinds up while you have sex? Don't you think that grosses THEM out?

It isn't like gay people are out campaigning and signing up new recruits like the military or, ya know, the Christian Coalition. We are telling a large population of this country that they should be ashamed and stay hidden because it shocks someones sensibilities. We are telling a large population of this country that even though we have separation of religion and state and cannot discriminate based on someone's color, age, disability or religious beliefs, by golly we will discriminate against YOU because you love someone of the same sex.

Love is love. Love doesn't know color or religion or disability or biology. Love just knows love...and we're telling people that their love just isn't the same, isn't enough.

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