February 22, 2004

Dear Body

Dear Body,

Look, I had no idea that it was going to take that much dirt to fill up the planters. I really thought we could get away with just ten of the big bags. You were such a trooper, getting those ten bags, lugging them through the store on the cart that didn't go straight. Even loading up the truck...no complaints.

Really, I was sad too when I realized that we needed more dirt. A lot more dirt. Like fifteen more bags of dirt. The poor people at the store wondered where we were putting everything. Then the crazy man who wouldn't shut up was at least nice enough to load the fifteen bags into the truck for us. I think it was very nice of us to listen to him ramble on about his friends on base...just as long as we didn't have to load the truck.

I know you're tired. I gave you a nice, hot, long shower in the hopes that things would stay nice and loose. You moved one thousand one hundred and forty pounds today, give or take since some of the bags were filled with wet dirt.

Please don't hate me in the morning.


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Went out to dinner again last night. Had a perfectly cooked prime rib and double asparagus (no garlic smashed taters for me!). Great food, great conversation....I totally needed that. It is nice to go out and be an adult, ya know?

The Child's school break is almost done. I must admit, I'm glad she's going back to school. I know she finds breaks boring when I have to work all day. She did go through a lot of the clothes in her room and we've got a few bags of clothes to get rid of now. She's such a little pack rat that it is like pulling teeth. "Child...do you really need to keep this shirt from when you were nine?"

John has a window for his R&R leave this summer. I canceled going to my class reunion since that will most likely be the last weekend I can spend with him before he returns. Obviously, spending time with him trumps seeing people that I haven't seen for 20 years.

We're going to go buy dirt in a little bit and start filling up the planters in the back. I also need to get some seed starting flats and start the veggies. The PX finally has the giant bags of dirt in stock and I was very good the last time I was in there...I didn't buy any more rose plants. I ordered six new plants online a few weeks ago and they should start showing up over the next month or so. I'm trying to decide how I'm going to plant the shade-loving rose in the dead zone of the house. I might just try and move one of the barrels into the corner and slap a trellis in it. If John was here, I'd have him build a nice rectangle box with a trellis attached. I'm not quite confident in my building skills yet to try something like that.

I will take some pictures of any progress we make with the planters today. I'm really itching to get them all taken care of and ready for planting.

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