February 19, 2004


Had a wonderful dinner last night with Val. Good food, great conversation....what is there not to like?

I bought the WildChild her ticket to see John's family this summer. She about jumped through the phone to hug me. It is open-ended, so basically she can stay as long or as little as she likes.

Work is going well. Busy a lot of the time with some lax times (like right now) where I have a few minutes to update here or just listen to some music and check all the various email accounts.

I got the most wonderful box from my parents! A Mardi Gras box! How cool is that? We got t-shirts and lots of beads. Mara and I almost flashed each other but then came to our senses since we were standing in the kitchen.

No really, see? I tried to tell you...things are THAT boring around here!

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