February 18, 2004


I swear, I really didn't fall off the face of the earth. Fell on the couch, perhaps. Fell on the bed, maybe. Hid in the house from the rain, oh hell yeah!

I've talked to John two times in the past four days. He was quite upbeat yesterday and had me laughing most of the time. He sounds a lot better than a month ago, that is for sure. He's been getting his boxes at a regular pace now, so that is nice. My little postal experiment worked great. If those fuckers think I'm paying inflated prices to send stuff Priority when SAM mail gets there at the same time...well, they are sadly mistaken. As a matter of fact, he got a SAM box (mailed on the same day, same time) BEFORE the Priority box.

I am so ready for Spring. It is cold and grey and dreary as all get out around here. I could use a few more weeks of sunshine. I really need to get the truck over to Lowe's or something and pick up all the dirt I'll need for the planter in back. I ordered five rose bushes for back there as well as a shade-loving climbing rose that will hopefully be very happy in the little "dead zone" at the corner of the house.

Life is just too damn boring right now. It is too early to play in the garden, it is too cold to spend a lot of time outside. It is to wet to even want to be outside much.

I am meeting my friend Val for dinner tonight. It will be ncie to go out to dinner and have a conversation with another adult!

Everyone could send me $10 so I can take a quick weekend trip someplace sunny. Or big bags of money could fall from the sky, allowing me to quit my job! Or, ya know, monkeys might fly outta my butt.

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