February 09, 2004


My life is pretty damn boring right now. Doesn't make for a lot of journal chit-chat. Like you all really want to read "I woke up, went to work, came home, ate dinner, checked email, went to bed."

I heard from John again and even got to have a quick IM chat with him last week. For now, until they get better internet connections where he works, our chances of being able to IM are close to non-existent. He's doing well as can be expected. Cold, dirty most of the time and he doesn't like the dining facility. Poor man is living on the candy, snacks and ramen that we're mailing to him. Oh, and coffee....lots and lots of coffee!

The WildChild is doing well. She seems to be doing homework each night and as far as I can tell from reading her agenda, she's even doing what she's supposed to be doing. I had to give her a dollar to pay a library fine so that I can get her report card. Still waiting to get it but I think they mail them out. She doesn't have a reason to hide it since I'd gotten the progress reports just before the end of the quarter anyway.

We spent most of yesterday outside raking up leaves in the backyard. I cleaned out the back patio slab and started getting most of the pots ready to plant stuff in a few months. I even pruned the roses, did the initial spray for bugs and all that. I need to hunt around and see what I can find to keep the damn deer out of the flowers. I did find some liquid spray stuff that claims I can even spray it on the grass to keep them out of the lawn. Once the rains stop and the roses start to grow more I'll probably buy some and try it out. At best I'll have lots more roses for the house. At worst, they'll eat them all again like a late-night snack and I'll have some nice stick bushes on the side of the house.

I'm trying very hard right now to stay awake. Even writing about my past week is enough to put me to sleep! I'm going to go upload some pictures and then crawl under the covers.

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