February 01, 2004


Just a quick note. There are a few new pictures up in the Gallery. We mucked around outside for a little bit and raked and pulled weeds and such.

I'm recording the Super Bowl for John right now and really, we're just waiting until it is time for the new Survivor All-Stars to start.

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Got another phone call from John on Friday night. It was so nice to hear his voice and we didn't have the annoying delay this time so it was much easier to have a normal conversation. He's very busy setting up contracts and paying vendors and running back and forth with cash for people. Not sure if I like knowing that but he sounds like he's at least enjoying being busy. He's gotten all but the last two boxes that we mailed so I'm pretty happy that everything has finally found him and that he's stocked with enough candy to last him quite a while.

The WildChild and I are doing OK. She's working very hard in school and has brought up all but one of her grades. Hopefully she'll keep the momentum going and bring them all up to at least C's. We went out to dinner last night at TGI Friday's and had the low-carb dinner. Eh, it was OK. I had the steak and was not impressed. She had the two cheeseburger patties and they looked a lot better than what I got. I know what I'm getting next time we go. We stopped off at hot topic after dinner and picked up a few new shirts for her. We even found another pair of the strappy capris that she loves and they were her size and half off!

We have some errands to run today which is fine with me. Once the Super Bowl starts (I'll record the whole thing for John and mail it tomorrow) we can go out and I'm hoping that places won't be packed. I need to stop by the hardware store and pick up another handle for my toilet which broke this morning. I'll get the nice brass one like I got for the Child's bathroom. I know I could just call the management people to come fix it but they'll only put another crappy plastic one in there that will just break again. It is worth my time and three dollars to just do it myself. I also need to start buying dirt to fill up the planters. Need to find some heavy plastic first. I'm half tempted to plant nothing but roses but we'll save at least one portion for the veggies.

I won some Christmas lights on e-bay that don't look like holiday lights. They are stars on poles, which is probably a crappy description but it is the best that I can come up with now. I can string them along and I think they would look awesome in front of the planter that John built for me. I'm really itching to do some gardening. If it isn't raining later I'll grab the Child and have her help me finish cleaning up all the dead leaves that have found their way into everything. Maybe I can also find some metal poles or something to fix the tent in the back. Or I could just buy a new one and be done with it. Not sure if I'll put it up yet since Spring can get really windy here. I know I need to clean up that back area and see if I can clear out more junk to put everything away. Can't have the Yard of the Year if your carport is a mess!

I need to find a fast climbing, shade-loving plant. Preferrably one that will look nice on a trellis. Any ideas?

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