January 26, 2004

Monday Monday...

I know...I'm awful quiet during the week now, aren't I?

Last week was a little stressful, what with the meeting with the principal and all...

See, I got a pretty nasty email from one of the WildChild's teachers about a note that I had written on her progress report. I won't quote from it but let's just say that she offered to teach my child "nevertheless", I guess that means she'll teach her in spite of the fact that she thinks the mother is a raving bitch.

I went and visited with the principal on Friday morning and we discussed moving the Child and the pros, cons and everything in the middle. I'm still pushing for it to happen but we'll see. I happen to think that this would be the opportune time since it is the end of the quarter, but hey, maybe that is just me.

I had to tell John about one of the surprises that is on the way to him. The Child and I spent Saturday morning packing little gift bags for a few thousand troops that are deployed. We had a great time doing it and when I get home from work I will upload the pictures that I took. We tried to stop at Claim Jumper on the way home but the wait at around 2pm was almost an hour and we gave up and just went home.

Amazingly it wasn't raining/sleeting/snowing when we got home and we ended up raking up about five bags of very wet, very dead leaves. I think that some of the crocus are already starting to come up, so I hope the weather starts to cooperate!

I need to go get some seed starters and whatnot for the seeds that came in the mail. I've been researching about when I should be planting this and that and pretty soon it will be time to start the seeds indoors. I've got a few new grow lights to use for the veggies. Pretty soon it will be time to buy roses, too. I REALLY need to start buying some dirt to go in the backyard. I also need to figure out if I'm going to put plywood on the backs of the planters or just use some heavy plastic. I think the plastic would probably work better and I think we can work it around the rocks and such.

Is it Spring yet?

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