January 18, 2004

Catching up some more

So I said yesterday that I would type out the whold big drama story from Friday night. I have a hot cup of coffee here and so now I'm ready to go...

On Friday the Child was supposed to go to the movies with E and E's mom. She'd called and told me that I should call when I got home from work to let her know I was home with the money for her. I did call, but instead of talking to my child I spoke with E's mom. Seems that she'd caught the girls smoking in the house and E had thrown a fit and yelled that she was running away. The Child just came home on her own to find a very angry me. I immediately asked her about the smoking thing and even sniffed her fingers to see if they smelled like smoke. She hadn't been smoking at all.

About that time, Child told me where she thought E was going, so we called her mom and told her. Not long after we got a few calls from E herself, who had somehow made it to main base. Again we called the mother with this information. I sat down at this point and had a very long conversation with the Child about smoking, rebelling, running away and why parents get mad and worry. At about nine E's mom called and told us that she'd found E but also that E had run off again and she didn't know where she was. She'd called the police and if E were to show up at my house to please call her. We didn't get any more phone calls from E's mom or E that night. We did talk some more about what was going on and I am certain that I shocked not only myself but the Child by not yelling at any point.

Yesterday we hit the mall and stopped at Hot Topic. The plan was to just get her some socks and maybe a few bracelets or something. A few hundred dollars later we were walking out with two new pairs of pants, new shoes, two new shirts, three new pairs over-the-knee socks, a bunch of bracelets and even a pen. Yes, I was rewarding her for using her head yesterday but I didn't tell HER that.

I'm just amazed that she did, ya know? She said that she does listen to me when I talk to her about smoking and drinking and drugs. I did tell her how proud of her that she didn't smoke and give in to peer pressure. I AM proud of her.

In other great news, I finally got an email from John this morning!!! He sounded tired, if that is possible in email. He asked for a few small things that we'll go buy this week and mail off to him. He said he hadn't showered in five days and was looking forward to taking a nice long hot shower before getting into a real bed. For now he's sharing a little hut (that's what he called it) with another NCO but in a few weeks they will move him to his own hut that he won't have to share. I'm thankful for that for everyone else that might have had to share with him...he snores, loudly! He said that he got a large envelope that I'd mailed to him back at the beginning of December. He also got quite a large number of boxes, so mail is finally catching up with him.

I'm hoping that he can get online again once it is morning for him. I would love to be able to spend a while chatting with him on IM. I'd like to tell him about the Valentine's Day surprise that is on the way from Operation Support Our Troops. The Child and I are going up north next Saturday to help pack off the boxes. I want to take a bunch of pictures of the packing and then be able to get a bunch of pictures from him of the unit getting and opening the boxes. The other two surprised from the Child and I are still going to be a surprise, but he knows to keep his eyes open for them. I can't write them here until he gets them, since he's been reading.

That is about it for now. We're going to finish cleaning house and make sure all the laundry is done for the week. I'll stay up late tonight in the hopes of being able to chat with John. Thank goodness for holidays! This one couldn't be timed better!

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