January 07, 2004


I have GOT to leave the house tomorrow. I am now suffering from cabin fever and am more than willing to risk life, limb, and bumpers on going to work in the morning.

Um, the house is all clean. We (meaning the Child did most of it as punishment) got the driveway all cleared and ready for my exiting our property tomorrow morning. I think the cats are actively hiding from me now. I've entertained thoughts of trying to make something entertaining out of all the empty boxes and newspapers that need to be recycled. I'm sure if I was more of a crafty person I would have made new drapes from said material by now. Instead they are all sitting in a pile on the floor waiting to be taken out next week. I'm fighting overwhelming thoughts of napping right now.

I wonder if our trash will be picked up tomorrow?

No new word from John since Sunday's phone call. It would seem that either his internet is down again or he's "out and about". I'll just keep thinking the former and pretend that the latter doesn't happen.

I did email him with all the latest drama from across the street. I won't go into details but I will tell you that multiple cars from the MP station and multiple trips from MPs were involved. I will also admit that now my child knows how to spy on a neighbor like a pro. Turn off all the lights and don't get too close to the windows. Oh, and if they are outside and you crack your window, sometimes you can even hear what they are saying! Yeah, I'm a little embarrassed by that but not enough to not do it again. The Child knows what has been going on across the street. She's usually the one to come to me and tell me that there are MP cars at Psycho's house.

When you don't go to work for two days you don't have a whole hell of a lot to talk about in a journal. Realizing that means I should end this, go make dinner and settle myself down with a nice DVD.

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