January 06, 2004

Snow Day Pictures

New pictures up in the gallery!

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Seeing red

It was bound to happen, right? I'd actually begun hoping that she'd calmed down a bit and things were going to just go sailing along on our somewhat smooth little sea. Then the phone rang this morning and her damn boat sunk.

Seems that the Child had a razor with her yesterday. I wasn't quite understanding what the teacher was talking about but I understood "razor" and "playing" and "Child'sNameHere". What upset me the most was the lie she told the teacher. "My father used my bag and left it in there!" She is lucky I haven't killed her for that lie alone.

She claims that she found the razorblade (because that is what it was, lest your mind picture a pink Daisy razor like I was) on the ground somewhere. It is a lie, we both know it is a lie, yet she won't tell me who gave the razorblade to her. All I know is that she didn't get it here since we don't use them.

She's grounded. I screamed and yelled then took all the electronics out of her room, banned her from using her new entertainment room and sent her to her now quiet room. I will take it all and box it up if I have to just to keep her from using them when I am not around.

I can be quiet permissive when she's being good. Unfortunately I can also be a complete hard-ass when she's in trouble. She knew the risks, took them and lost. I'm still mad as hell so I don't feel sorry for her in the least.

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