January 03, 2004


It is snowing. Again. Someone please tell me when I moved someplace where it snows this much, because I don't recall this being in my contract. I signed up for rain, not this damn snow!

I added a few more pictures in the gallery under the cleaning house section. I'll post a few more that I took this morning once I yank them off the camera.

I'll be glad when the Child goes back to school. I woke her up this morning at 10am and she was quite the surley little thing! She claimed she was awake until 3am and that I should have let her sleep more. I told her that she'll be in bed tonight by midnight, that school starts on Monday and this "up half the night sleep till noon" thing ended yesterday.

She is outside right now since it is snowing hard again. I took some more pictures and will upload them once I'm done here. She's going to be a frozen child pretty soon, so I'll be ready to make her some hot chocolate.

I'm going to go do some laundry and email a friend. I was supposed to drive up north this afternoon and do some freelance work for someone....so not going to happen. I'm not worried about my driving but everyone else out there scares me. I'll just stay home and putter around here, enjoying my clean living room and maybe watching a marathon session of my West Wing dvds.

Stay warm and dry!

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