January 01, 2004

Cleaning house...

I am so tired. A good tired, but tired just the same.

The Child and I worked our butts off today cleaning out the third bedroom so that she can take it over as an entertainment room. We got all John's stuff put into his closet somehow and even got the doors shut! Then we moved the weight bench out as well as the treadmill. I only scratched the floor a little bit, I swear!

In addition to the room for the Child, I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom and door to door. Let's just say that I probably should not have waited so long to do that. It is all clean now and woe to the Child if she doesn't clean up after herself!

Tomorrow we'll take a few more boxes out to the storage shed and try to make a bit more room in the living room. I'll finish up the laundry and then sit back in my clean living room and enjoy the rest of my clean house. Then I'll fall asleep.

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