December 31, 2003

BackBite in reivew, 2003

It has been one hell of a year, hasn't it? We've spent close to half of it with John gone. Only about 320 days until he can come home.

I started off the year working in a job I loved for a company I hated. There are still days that I miss teaching but for now I am just grateful that I'm not working there any longer. Not long after the year began, John was off and deployed. We had talk of weapons of mass destructi0n, theories about terrorists, and, in March, the first letter from my son. Not a great way to start the year save the letters and communicating with Chris.

This Spring and Summer found me enchanted with my new garden and the doting mother to four new rose bushes. At least I got in a few good pictures before the deer ate them all. I learned some lessons about growing tomatoes (don't over-fertilize and really, don't let John near them!) and decided to go all out next year so we built a huge flower box for me. Later in the summer came the highlight of the year. Meeting Chris for the first time was simply amazing. We're still communicating by email so it is all good. I will be glad when he has more time and his own place to live. Oh...and he got married a few days ago! I can't wait to see pictures!

The Fall....was not nearly so nice as Summer. Time seemed to speed up to hyper-speed and I found the days just falling away like seconds. Eventually we realized that we couldn't cram everything we wanted to do and say into just a few weeks, and instead just calmed down and enjoyed our last few weeks together as a family. Thanksgiving wasn't so bad and we muddled on through Christmas with the help of friends and family.

Not a day goes by where I don't feel like there is a big gaping hole in my life right now. So often I want to open up my cellphone, say "John", have it call him and be able to hear his voice whenever I want. The past few weeks have been harder since we haven't had regular communication. Supposedly they will have better and constant access when they move again but we've heard that song and dance already so I'm not holding my breath.

2003, on the whole, was a pretty good year. 2004 should be even better, ending with John coming home.

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