December 29, 2003

Sometimes I don't mind answering the phone.

I honestly don't know what wonderful diety was smiling down on me today but I got another great phone call from John! Even better was the fact that we didn't get disconnected at all!

He's doing fine. Still dirty and smelly but he said it didn't matter since everyone else smells just as bad. I was paying attention this time and had a pen and paper ready to list all the things that he said he wanted. Good thing we both get paid in a few days!

He said that all the boxes finally found him. I was so happy to hear that! He's quite popular since he got two cartons of cigarettes and a whole bunch of candy and coffee. They don't have a TV/VCR right now but should within a few weeks.

I had to laugh. He kept telling me that they watched this movie..."Ode to my Brother" and I kept telling him that I didn't know what movie he was talking about. He said we have the DVD. I told him he was nuts. Then he said something about prison and the 40's. Everyone else know what movie he watched? That's right..."Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" That right there would be why John is usually banned from singing along to most songs in the car. He can't remember titles let alone lyrics to songs!

It was so nice hearing from him again today. He said he'll be able to email in a day or so, so that will be nice as well. While he's waiting for me to mail off the blank CDs and cases he printed out a few pictures and will mail them back to us. I really can't wait to see all the pictures that he's taken. He said he's been using the camera a lot, so it should be interesting at least.

Now I need to go figure out where my child is. She hasn't come home from her friend's house yet and I have no idea if she's coming here or staying there tonight. I'm so keyed up from getting to talk to John that I'm going to go put this energy to use and clean house while I wait for her.

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Going back to work...finally

I feel like it has been forever since I've been to work. I was so paranoid about not waking up to the alarm that my body woke me up at about 4:45am and wouldn't let me go back to sleep.

I'm ready to go back to work. Sitting around with so much time to feel sorry for myself is never a good thing. Not that I had much of that until last night, but you know what I mean. After the Child left with her friend to go spend the night over there I sat around thinking about what I could be or should be doing. I decided that life wasn't going to end if my kitchen floor wasn't mopped for one more day and sat around looking at homes for sale. Anyone want to give me $219K? I found the perfect house. Nice and old (built in 1923) and plenty of room. A front porch that spans the entire front of the house. Hardwood floors that made me want to weep. A fireplace not only in the master bedroom but in the master bath! A clawfoot tub! I would never leave the bathroom in the winter time! Oh how I want a big, old house. Well, any house really.

I have lots of work to do this week, the first being calling our DSL provider and having them help me figure out why our wireless network won't work with the router provided by them. Sure, DSL is great and all, but so far I am the only one able to use it. I should share, huh? Cleaning off my desk would also be a wonderful thing now that we're done with all the grant applications. I got a small chunk of it cleaned off on Christmas Eve but then left it all to go home and enjoy the holidays. It is the end of the month so there are a ton of reports and such that also need to get done this week.

No email yet from John. I did send him a nice long letter for him to read once he finally gets back to base camp and has computer access again. Hopefully we will have a few weeks of being able to email back and forth before he loses access again. I am dying to know if any more of my boxes made their way to him yet. The article in the paper said that they are finally working out all the kinks in the mail system and that pallets of mail arrived in camp the day before Christmas. Of course, he wasn't there to get any but he should be any day now. We're going shopping again for him this Wednesday and putting together another few boxes for him. I've also got my eye on a special surprise for him but I'm waiting for an email on the item. If I get it I know he'll love it! It will stay a surprise for now.

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