December 26, 2003

...and then the phone rang

Before I get into that, I need to thank my friend Val for inviting the Child and I up for Christmas. We had a wonderful day and I ate way too much and it was just perfect. Thank you so much! Oh, and I'm sorry I did so poorly at Scrabble...I'm still kicking myself over the 'jihad' word!

So we left Val's house at around 7ish. It was raining a little bit at her house but nothing major. Right about the time I asked the Child to stay awake and talk to me (which prompted her to fall right asleep!) it started to snow/sleet/rain/snow again. For about 45 minutes it was pretty sucky driving. I hopped on the express lanes since I figured there would be less traffic. I was correct and then found out that part of the drive is under other freeways, therefore not snowing on me! I'm driving along, watching for the overpass to end and getting ready to turn the wipers back on. Imagine my surprise when I finally merge back onto the interstate and it is bone dry. Like I'd just imagined all that bad weather! Welcome to Washington, where you can drive a mile and have the weather change completely!

Oh...we stopped at the gate when we were coming home. We gave all the gate guards working a large baggie full of cookies that we'd baked. That felt pretty good.

I was exhausted when we got home so I finally decided to lay down and take a nap from 10-11pm. I wanted to get up to watch the news since John had said to watch. I had sorta come out of the fog of sleep when I heard the phone ring. I had one of the handsets in bed with me, so I glanced at the Caller ID. The Child answered before it popped up. I think we both just assumed that it was one of her friends. Imagine our was John!

He's doing well, if not cold and very dirty. I have to keep telling him that he's got about a million boxes on the way to him. He's only gotten one box, and that was a box with tins of chocolates and peppermint bark for the holidays. His radio and extra international foods coffees should have arrived at the same time. Then there are the five other boxes with the videos, cigarettes and other assorted goodies for him. His mom, sisters and dad have all mailed boxes, as well as his mother's church group that decided to adopt him. New clean socks and underwear are still big on his list of wants. I might send some of the cheaper socks so that he can just throw them away after a few weeks. There are no regular laundry services or facilities out there for them, so getting things clean can be hard. He said he has a few things double-bagged because they were so nasty. I don't even want to imagine the smell.

So he called, and it was a wonderful way to end a day that was as nice as it could be considering the circumstances. I tried very hard to explain to Val how talking about John here makes me feel like I'm walking a very fine line. I don't talk about him to get sympathy from anyone. I don't talk about him to make it seem like I am somehow better for living through this. I talk about him because it makes me feel better, because he reads this and knows what is going on with us. I talk about him because I DO miss him all the time, especially this month. This is the month that makes me want him out of the Army and us living close to family. I talk about it because people should know what it is like for a military wife to be apart from her husband for long periods of time.

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