December 24, 2003

Christmas Eve, 2003

Work was really nice and fast this morning. I hooked up our DSL at work (YAY!), had one family come pick up their gifts and delivered the last family theirs at around 10am. Once I got back to the office my boss called, asked how things were (quiet...very quiet!) and then told me to go home. Our intern said she would stay until noon when the outreach office closed. I also told her to take home all the goodies that people had dropped off that morning. Like I need more cookies in this house? We did all our baking last night and I don't think that the WildChild and I have even eaten one cookie.

I came home and the Child had her friend E over. I hustled her into getting ready to leave and the three of us headed out to the PX to get our stocking stuffers. The Child and I each took a little hand basket and decided to meet over by the DVDs in 40 minutes. I'll admit right here and now that perhaps I went a bit overboard on her stocking stuff. She got: pens, chocolate, Almond Roca bits, a SpongeBob talking doll (small...and stuffed animals are a requirement for our stockings), some hair clips, six packets of temporary hair color stuff (red, pink and blue, 2 each), sparkley lollipops, a flat iron for her hair, some "cool" hair care stuff that was about four times as much as any shampoo that I use on my hair, a new hairbrush, a watch with a velcro band so that she can't break the buckle, a soap bag thingy that holds a bar of soap that you can hang in the shower, a nice smelling bar of soap since the soap bag thingy needed some, a small silver ear cuff, and, finally, a portable CD player since she recently killed hers. It is cool and has little faceplates where she can change the colors on the player and the headphones.

Holy crap, that was too much, wasn't it?

Checking out was pretty hilarious. I had about three people in line between her and I and all of them stood so that she couldn't see what I was putting on the counter. The checker double bagged everything in smaller bags and then double bagged all of it together in a large bag. I then had to stand off to the side and pretend that I was REAL interested in the disposable cameras while waiting for the Child to be rung out. The checker wouldn't let me come back over until she'd bagged everything. The best part? When the person behind the Child sighed a bit too loud and the checker shot her a look and said "The child's father isn't here and her mother needs to pay for the items, do YOU have a problem with that, sir?" He didn't.

I'll be honest here. I'm doing my best not to cry. Today is much harder than I though it was going to be. I have all this great holiday music but I listen to some of it and my eyes start to well up with tears and I have to turn it off. I baked all of our normal holiday goodies and don't care to have any of it.

We were going to do our normal deli-tray dinner for Christmas Eve but I just couldn't do it. John and I always had a nice time making up the trays and cutting and slicing and trying to keep the Child out of things until it was time to eat. What did we have instead? Christmas tacos! Actually they were leftovers, but good just the same. I have some roast beast to have tomorrow night once we get home from Val's house if we haven't already eaten ourselves silly.

I know I'm not going to get an email from him. I know I'm not going to get a phone call. I just hope that he is safe and warm and gets a chance to eat something good for Christmas.

We're going to have some cookies and milk in a bit, throw Christmas Vacation into the DVD player and lay in my big bed watching TV with the cats.

The stockings are laid by the shelving with care, the presents are laid out and ready to open in the morning. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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