December 23, 2003


Just uploaded some pictures in the gallery. Enjoy!

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I have two families left that are picking up presents today. I have one family to deliver to at 10am tomorrow morning. Work has finally slowed down and I am quite thankful for that.

I still have to get stocking stuff for the Child. She wants to get some for me, as well, so I suppose I will get her stuff today after work and then take her to get mine tomorrow when I leave work. We have cookies to make tonight and a pie to bake tomorrow.

I am almost ready for Christmas even though it might well be the 4th of July as far as my excitement is concerned. I care that the Child enjoys her presents and talks to her grandparents and, in general, has a nice day. I could care less about the rest of it. I don't want anything and even had a tough time coming up with the one DVD that the Child got for me. Like that disc or the skunk I saw the other day on the drive to work...everything is just flat right now.

I drive to work and I can't listen to the Christmas music channel on the radio because it will make me cry. I don't really care if I watch any of the holiday shows on TV. Flat. Very flat.

I keep telling myself that I can make it this month. That we're just doing the hardest parts first and that this should be the end of it. I certainly hope I'm not lying to myself.

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I am still sick. I was asleep last night before 9pm, which is probably good since I needed more sleep. Thankfully the Child isn't having people over until Friday now.

I think we've become snobs. No really...we have. I remember going into Dollar Stores and being able to find a few stocking stuffers or something. We went in last night and just about laughed ourselves silly and left without buying anything. And really, there was a part of me that felt really bad about the people that perhaps had to shop there. But we couldn't do that ourselves. The Child actually said a few times "Uh mom, really, we can skip the stockings this year if these are our options." I've spoiled her, haven't I? She normally gets European chocolates in her stocking and hard candies from exotic places and, of course, an orange for the stocking toe.

She made me promise to give her some money at the beginning of January so that she can go shopping for me. I agreed. Now...if I could just convince her that Hot Topic isn't quite the place to shop for Mom...

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