December 21, 2003

Bow down before my commissary skills!

So the WildChild and I lounged around for most of the morning. She made us breakfast (biscuits, hash browns and some scrambled eggs) and we both putzed around online for a while.

The phone rang at about was John! The Child is getting good at looking at the Caller ID to see if it is her friends. She didn't recognize the ID on the screen, but it was AT&T something-or-other and I remembered it from when we'd missed his call. Anyway, we both got to talk to him for a few minutes. He asked a lot of questions about what has been in the news lately. I don't know if I should be looking for something else or what. He did mention something about watching a specific show on the 26th and that they have a LOT of reporters with them right now. He's cold and tired but he sounded OK. He said he hasn't gotten any of the boxes that I've mailed. I'm a little surprised that at least the first two haven't made it since I mailed them off almost three weeks ago. I did let him know that there were about five or six more mailed last week. Hopefully he will get them soon. I also talked to him about the picture situation. He's either got no access or access that is slower than most dial-up, so uploading them himself is pretty much out of the question. What I suggested to him was my mailing him some blank CDs in cases and padded mailing envelopes. Then he can just burn a CD every few weeks and mail it to me and I can upload them from here.

After that uplifting phone call we decided to head off to the store for one last grocery trip before the holidays. First we had to stop at the PX so that she could buy my present (Pirates of the Carribean special edition set) and I could cash a check. We then went to the commissary and I figured it shouldn't be too busy since every last person on the damn base seemed to have been at the PX. Evidently they bussed in more people, because it was crowded everywhere.

Our list was pretty specific. Lots of baking things since we want to make cookies. You would think that a large grocery store would probably think "Hey, it is the weekend before the holidays and people will want to be baking and cooking...perhaps we should stock up on those kinds of things!" You would think that...but you would be wrong. The Child and I? We have mad shopping skills. We tag team the cart while it is moving from aisle 1 to aisle 20. She runs off for ground beef when we decide to make tacos, I'll run back an aisle to get something else when she returns. We hit the spices and baking area. Not one bottle of vanilla was to be found. I knew I needed some since my tiny bottle at home was just about empty. Everything calls for damn vanilla. I looked up and there was ONE bottle sitting with the flavoring oils. I nabbed it quickly and placed it gently in the cart. I walked a few steps and looked for light brown sugar. I needed two boxes. I found two boxes shoved down on the bottom shelf waaaaaay in the back. We walked around the corner to find the chocolate bits and bites. I found ONE bag of white chocolate chunks. ONE bad of whole walnuts. They are now both in my possession.

I wasn't really thinking much about our luck with finding all of the cookie stuff that we needed. Then I got stopped by three different women, eyeing my bottle of vanilla and asking in an almost panicked tone, "Where did you find that??!!" Another woman asked me where they were hiding the brown sugar.

The Child and I? We totally scored at the commissary with our shopping skills.

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