December 20, 2003


I did it! I finished all the shopping for the WildChild!!! Of course, I can't write what I bought her because occasionally she looks at the webpage and I'm sure she's checking it out every now and then to see if I slip up and mention what I bought for her. Let's just say that she'll be happy, OK?

The PX and the mall were crowded as hell. I probably spent more time in traffic just getting places than I actually spent shopping. The computer systems were down at the checkout at the PX so I had to write a check instead of using the debit card. I suppose the good thing is that I'll have more money for the presents that I'm buying for John and I at the end of the month.

I've decided that the WildChild should have a room to entertain her friends. We're going to take the third bedroom and turn it into a teenage lounge of sorts. I'm taking out the treadmill and weight bench and the huge corner desk. I'll put the bar-height table in there and put the computer on it and they can sit on the barstools. Then I'll find a cheap coffee table for the TV and PS2 and such to sit on. I can put the futon mattress on the floor and then throw some big floor pillows down so they can lounge/lay/sit while playing games or whatever. I found some cool paper star hanging lamps that we can put in there so that they don't have to use the ugly ceiling light. She's already asked if we can paint the walls. I'm not so sure about that but we'll see. I'll be glad for her to have a place where she can sit with her friends instead of taking over my living room all the time.

I have to go look up cookie recipes now. She's having a friend or two over to make cookies and spend the night tomorrow. I'll have to go to the store and make sure that I have everything. Making sure that they have food to eat would probably be a good thing as well.

Time to go take some sudafed, drink some coffee and soldier on with my evening.

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I should be sleeping. My head is swimming with this head cold yet I can't sleep. I'm not having a hot toddy, so I suppose if I can't sleep, eventually I just won't care, right?

This month is always hard on me. I miss my family so much and wish that we lived within a reasonable driving distance to each other. I wish that we were closer so that the WildChild could know her extended family more than just through email and phone calls. I sometimes have the most wonderful fantasies about what a holiday would be like if I had my own home in some perfect central location...

My Dad would be there with Eileen (who I certainly hope will be my step-mother someday!) and they could stay for at least a week. Both of my sisters would be there with their husbands and all the kids. All of John's family would be there as well, since I think that everyone would get along famously. There would be time in the mornings to just sit and have coffee with each other. There would be good smells coming from the kitchen at all hours. Huge turkeys and hams and roasts along with many kinds of potatoes and veggies. All of the kids could be in charge of not only making the cookies but decorating them.

I want a tradition. I want a tradtion with lots and lots of people involved. The Child having friends over during the holidays to make cookies or sit around and gossip. My sisters and I in the kitchen together, cooking and talking and just spending time together.

I want a home. A home I can have people visit. A home I can decorate. A home that I can make so inviting that nobody wants to leave. A home where I can unleash the inner Martha with a bang.

This doesn't feel like home.

This hardly even feels like Christmas, if truth be told.

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