December 18, 2003

Of tissues and toddys

I think that the WildChild is seriously beginning to wonder if I am going to buy her ANY Christmas presents. There is nothing under the tree. I haven't been out shopping without her, so she knows that it isn't like I am hiding things.

That leads us to today. You know what happened since I HAVE to go shopping this coming weekend, right? Yup. I am sick as all get out. My head feels like it is stuffed with lead and I'm not sounding too hot either according to my boss.

I am thrilled that tomorrow is Friday and that I will have some time to relax this weekend and, hopefully, recover from the cold. But then there is that whole "must go shopping for the Child" thing. I know most of what I am going to get her, so hopefully it won't take me forever and I can get in, get out, get it wrapped and be done with it. THEN I will go home and collapse in bed with a box of tissue and the remote.

John, if you are back and reading yet...I miss you bunches. I don't have anyone to make me a hot toddy and pat my forehead and tell me that I'll live. The traitorous cats have stopped sleeping with me while I'm sick since I toss and turn too much. I love you sweetie...only 47 more weeks.

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