December 17, 2003

New Docs and not much else

Why didn't anyone tell me that buying things on Ebay can be a lot of fun?? I got some Doc Martens for me and the WildChild. The ones that she REALLY want both end tomorrow, and so far I haven't bid on one pair and am high bidder on the others. I'll describe them once I win the auctions. I also got myself a pair of wine colored Doc boots and a pair of cherry red oxfords. One can never have too many Docs, right?

I think that for the first time in probably years I am getting a cold. I have that ookey feeling in my sinues/back of the throat. I refuse to believe that I'm getting the flu so just hush up about that. I've got some extra C up in the cupboard and I'll slam some before bed and hopefully wake up feeling better.

Last night I fell asleep at about 7 while watching the news. I woke up at about 2am, found the WildChild sleeping on the couch and Oliver yelling at me like he hadn't been fed in years. I drank a glass of water and crawled back in bed to fall back asleep. I think I finally did around 3am. I figure I'm ahead of the game tonight since I'm still awake after 7:30.

I have to go finish the dishes and throw some clothes in the dryer. I don't think there is anything else that MUST get done tonight so then I can lay in bed and just relax and try not to worry about John.

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