December 15, 2003

Postal Hell

I was a little glad this morning when I needed to run to one of our houses. I was glad because I rationalized that my being out meant that I could mail all the boxes that were stacked in my back seat. Oh stop laughing, I was being optimistic! Oh, and that UPS Store commercials that says you won't be a "slider"? Totally a lie! I slid for over 30 minutes!

But....everything is mailed. Well, there is still a box of cookies here for John that didn't fit in any of the boxes that went out today, but is ALL mailed!

I was chatted up both at UPS and at the post office. Does having six or seven boxes automatically mean that people should ask you where you are sending everything? I'm just wondering here, because I was asked a bunch of times. UPS was pretty boring though, since I must not have been mailing stuff to places that were interesting enough for more conversation. Tell people that you are mailing boxes to Iraq though and you've got conversation until your number is called! I had two mothers telling me about the people in their church that are deployed and in the same brigade as John. I was nice and let them know that the boxes they were mailing to those guys needed customs forms.

I did get an email from John giving me some information that I had asked for. Then he went and ruined it by telling me that he wouldn't be able to email for about a week because he'd be out supporting the battalion. Did I need to know that? No. Just don't email me...I'll assume that the LAN is down and stay in my blissful ignorance! I really don't want to know that he's out and about. Can't he just tell them that he has strict orders from his wife to stay put and out of convoys and helicopters?

I'm outta here for now. I have to go get a new tree. The one we got seems to have died in various sections. Yes John, we DID check to make sure it is all plugged in and all the blubs are presents. Anyway, a friend is selling their tree for $30 so I'm going to go pick it up. And see if I can talk the WildChild into dragging some of the holiday boxes out of the storage shed while I'm gone.

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