December 14, 2003

Strange Days

Yes. I know. He was captured. I got the sweetest emails from my sister and my mother-in-law.

I woke up this morning and there was some infomercial on the TV. I located the remote (uner the cat) and flipped to the local station to watch the news. I was curious if there was anything about the Stryker that had been destroyed yesterday. I'd read a quick blurb about it the night before and wanted to know if there was any more information.

At first I was a little confused. The volume was down so I could barely hear but I was thinking more about why there would be a bald man in DCUs on my TV so early in the morning. I did what any other person would do...I changed the channel to one of the other local stations. There he was again. I figured I should probably pay attention and turn up the volume.

Once I realized what was going on I called the WildChild into the bedroom. She crawled into bed with me and we watched the end of the news conference where you couldn't hear anything but the answers to the questions. She listened for a little while and then asked the most important question in her mind..."Does this mean Daddy is coming home soon?"

I had to say that he wasn't. I don't think he is. As I'm hearing on the news right now, and I'm agreeing with one of our state sentators...there is still too much that needs to be done. Even I, who might not agree with WHY he is there, understand that we can't just up and leave Iraq.

I don't really care right now if this is going to be a political thing or if the President is going to use this to get himself re-elected. I still have a husband in a place where there are bombs on the road and people shooting at them. I still have a husband who I don't expect to see for a year. Is this a big deal to me? Sure, if only because I hope that it means less attacks on all of the troops stationed there right now.

That brings me to my next point, which is something that I have been thinking about for quite some time. There are those people that are protesting near the military bases around here. They claim that they are protesting the war but that they support the troops. Really? Do you really support them? Or are they just words that you flip off your tongue to make yourself and your actions look better? Do you, as a protester, realize that your actions are speaking volumes louder than your words? Do you realize that your actions are telling any soldier that sees you that you think the job he is doing is wrong and bad.

Go protest in front of your senator's office. Go protest in front of the capital. Go protest somewhere else instead of outside my house, OK?


In other news, we went shopping yesterday. The mall was absolutely freaking packed but we found a decent parking space. We went in to two stores, got what we needed, looked at a few things that the WildChild might want for Christmas and then we got out of there. We stopped at Michaels to get a few things to finish up the presents we are making. The last stop off-base was at Old Navy. I am happy to report that the Child now has a few more hoodies as well as three new pair of jeans and some new jammies. Well worth every penny. Oh! And I got some really cute Christmas socks!

We went to the grocery store and got some things to mail to John. We also got food but that is boring. I was going to stop at the PX and get a new VCR but we decided to just go home. We'd been out and about for almost 12 hours by this point so we were both pretty wiped out.

I felt stupid because I missed a phone call from John. I didn't realize that my cell wasn't in my purse and he'd called while we were gone. Hopefully he can call today like he said. If not, I sent him some emails.

We still have a ton of things to get done today so I'd better stop writing and get my behind in gear and moving.

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