December 13, 2003

Playing Elves today

The WildChild and I are already up and getting close to being ready to leave the house. We're going in to work this morning to help wrap presents for the families in our program. I would like to think that my child is doing this with me because she understands the whole idea of charity and giving...I suspect though that it might just be the fact that the group wrapping today is from a high school and there might be boys.

So far this morning we have done two loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and now, while she is in the shower, I'm baking a few dozen cookies for the volunteers today. It is just 830am. I know...I have no idea what has gotten into us!

We have a bit of shopping to finish up for the presents that we're mailing off. Unfortunately, the shopping that we need to do is at the Mall so I might end up a little damn grouchy by the time we are done. Then we have to hit the commissary. And please kill me now for that, since it is technically payday weekend and it is going to be packed and I promise...I will do my best not to kill anyone or move their carts three aisles over.

On Sunday I really need to buy the Child some new jeans and some pullovers. She has appropriated all of the fleece that belonged to John. I'd like to save some of them before she stretched out all the sleeves by pulling them over her hands. And what is it with teenagers pulling their sleeves over their hands?? All her friends do the same is like little people with no hands!

Anyway, she's about done, the cookies should be about ready to go so I'm outta here for the day. Have a good one, y'all!

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