December 11, 2003

'Tis the Season

My day at work was so much nicer since I could say that I'd heard from John. Everyone was so relieved. They are also bringing me assorted small boxes so that I can mail things to him. After Monday I'll have probably close to 10 going out I would imagine. Two that have been packed for a few weeks and about 6-8 more smaller ones with all of the things that he's asked for.

I finally got an email from our DSL provider letting me know when we'd be up and running at work. As of next Tuesday we will no longer be fighting for the phone line to use the dial-up! We all think that is a good, good thing.

After work I brought the WildChild with me to the local newspaper. Each year they have a big "gifting" for local shelters. There must have been 12 HUGE tables filled with all sorts of things. Everything from pots and pans and dishes to various kinds of bedding to winter coats in all sizes to clothing to toys and games for the kids to my favorite....LOTS of books. I must have packed up three boxes of books for the kids in our shelter. I had a wonderful time and so did the WildChild. She even offered to be on "another team" since they didn't have many helpers and we probably had too many. It was all very good natured what with people claiming to have licked all the items on a particular table just so that nobody would take them and "giving" presents from things found on the table.

We finished up there and totally filled up the back of the Rodeo...and I'd even flipped the seats down! We're talking full from side to side and top to bottom. WildChild and I hightailed it out of there, raced back to the office, unloaded it all on our own and were pulling out of the driveway before anyone else showed back up! I really wanted to make it in the back gate since it would mean we'd be able to tape all of Survivor for John. We just barely made it back in, popped in the tape and settled in for our weekly SurvivorFest. I'll be glad to get all these extra tapes out of here for a while!

I can't wait to get to work tomorrow and start sorting out all the things we got for our families!

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