December 09, 2003

Just the beginning

I spent today at work both busy and angry. During the times that I was busy, I was thankful that I wasn't angry. I got a few things completely taken care of and broke some crappy news to my boss that turned out to be exactly what we needed in trying to order our broadband for the office. I typed up a bunch of things and folded stuff and put labels here and there and made a general mess of my desk...but I was busy.

I was angry at what is supposed to be known as a Family Readiness Group. I am angry that while my name is there on a list, I don't seem to be part of one. I am angry thinking about wives that were specifically told what the procedure would be and then having all that thrown out the window and just being kept in the dark.

This stuff is all over the news, especially around here. Soldiers are dead. Soldiers from our brigade. I am angrier after reading some posts from other wives in the same brigade, hearing that their phone trees were all activated and everyone was called and basically told, "It is OK...don't worry." If I'm supposed to be calling the people on my list, what in the hell should I be saying to them? At least a little direction would be nice right at this point.

I know that this is just the beginning. I know that I will probably be having these feelings over and over again for the next year.

Gee, only about 49 more weeks go...

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