December 08, 2003

I really would like a new neighbor

I wanted to update real quick just to state how amazed I am that other people have gone through the same thing as mty trauma this past Friday night!

My boss, after laughing about psycho trying to kick me out of my own house, told me about a similar experience she had with someone that she'd gone to high school with. I was shocked! And, well, it made me feel a little bit better knowing that I wasn't the only person to have been sitting in amazement while someone got drunk and rude.

Updated a few hours later....

So I came home after work and login to check email and whatnot. Out of habit I click on the website for my local newspaper. Right there, up at the top, is a breaking news story. Three Stryker Brigade soldiers killed in Iraq.

Common sense tells me that I have nothing to worry about. Common sense tells me that it isn't something that my husband would have been doing at the time. Common sense tells me to just close the browser window and find something else to do.

My common sense isn't very strong. No, I haven't freaked out or anything, but it is breaking my heart thinking about the three families that are about to have bad news brought to their door. I want a phone call or an email telling me that it wasn't someone in my husband's batallion. I want to know that he got to wherever he is going, safe and sound. I want to know that he wasn't even in the convoy that was sidetracked by the bomb.

It isn't like I'm going looking for this news. I can't go without watching the evening news or I feel like a dolt. I read the newspaper and news websites because I like to know what is going on. I do understand WHY they tell us not to watch, but I don't know HOW to go about doing just that.

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