December 07, 2003

Won't you be my neighbor?

So my psycho neighbor...

I ran into psycho while the WildChild and I were at the grocery store on Friday night. She alluded to some pretty heavy things going on at her house and, trying to be nice, I said she could come over that evening for a little break. WC and I came home, ate some dinner and put away all the groceries. A short time later, psycho came over and the WildChild went over to entertain psycho's daughter.

For a while it was nice visiting with another adult. And then she started drinking. Very quickly she got drunk and rambled on and on about the things that are making her unhappy in her life. After a while I just sort of sat there, amazed that I was letting her sit in my house and not only be so drunk but also be getting so mean. A few times it was almost comical, since she said "Just get out of here!" and I had to remind her that she was in my house but she was free to go home if she so chose.

The girls came home and I ushered them into my bedroom to watch TV and play video games. I went out to the living room one last time to see if psycho wanted to leave but she was sitting on the couch with her head on her chest so I figured she'd passed out. I came back in here and checked email. The WildChild and I then heard what sounded like the telephone off the hook. I'm not sure who she tried to call but it didn't work obviously. She was on the floor with one leg up on the couch. I quietly took the telephone away from her hand and brought it back to the bedroom with me. We tucked her daughter into the WildChild's bed and went to bed ourselves. When I woke up in the morning, she and her daughter were gone.

And I was glad.

She hasn't come over, not even to apologize. I'm not sure she even remembers what she said. I remember...and I don't want her to come back.

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