December 06, 2003


There must be something wonderful about my timing.

The morning after posting all that stuff about the news? He called us. The phone service sucked to high heaven and we got cut off three different times, but he called.

We talked about how he has been feeling (cold and sick, please send medicine) and what he has been doing (working long, long hours and not getting enough sleep...and did he mention that he's sick?). He completely changed what it was he was originally asking us to buy and mail to him. To hell with the video tapes and goodies! Buy ground coffee, coffee creamer and splenda! Buy Gold Bond powder to help keep the feet dry! Buy cigarettes and lighters (but I can't mail the lighters, can I?).

I feel horrible that he is sick. I wish that he could just take a few days, get enough rest and start feeling better. Instead I will mail off cold meds and a few containers of those anti-bacterial wipey thingys so that they can start getting rid of the cold germs that they are so graciously passing back and forth to each other.

I'm tired today. My crazy neighbor lady had me up until almost 4am, listening to her talk crazier and crazier as she got drunk. If I can muster up the energy later I will type it all out. Otherwise you'll just have to wait until tomorrow.

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