December 02, 2003

It's a food thing

I think I just sunk to a new low.

Being that we're on a quest to at least pretend we are eating more healthy foods in this house I figured that we would dice up the rest of the turkey and make salads. Green salads with fresh veggies and everything! Well, and some diced up turkey on top, because protein is good. So I'm dicing away while standing at the counter and ask the WildChild to please come prepare the salad. She got the easiest job...opening the two bags of salad (one mixed, one romaine) and mixing them up in a bowl. Slice up a cucumber and a tomato and BAM! salad is done. Except that it wasn't.

I honestly can't tell you where my child picked up the habit of looking for an expiration date on every single item of food that she eats. She does though, and this can be a sticky situation some mornings when the milk is dated for THAT day and holy cow Mom, what am I going to have on my cereal??!! Sometimes she believes me when I walk over, take the milk and give it a good sniff, telling her that it didn't magically go sour at midnight just because a date was stamped on the outside of the carton. Of course, by the time I get home from work the milk will be long gone. You would think that I was constantly trying to get her to eat spoiled food or something. I don't. I swear!

So she is pulling the last two bags of salad out of the drawer and inspecting them for an expiration date. Seems they expired a few days ago. And really, they did EXPIRE a few days can tell just by looking IN the bag. "Ew Mom, they expired last MONTH [what, like that was weeks ago or something?] and I am so NOT eating that!"

So uh, no salad. I opened the cupboards and looked around. I really wanted a damn salad so nothing else really sounded good. I finally just said that I would eat the diced up turkey and she could have the larger bits...sort of like eating chicken. I pulled out an ear of corn for her to have in addition to the turkey bits. Me? I heated up my carefully diced turkey and then a few squirts of ranch dressing. And that was my dinner. So totally not what I was in the mood for today. Also, and this part makes me is an indication that I've got to go to the grocery store in the next few days. We all know how much I love doing that, right?

We're done with the turkey. Whatever isn't gone is going in the freezer. I don't even want to think about turkey.

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