December 01, 2003


There are a few more entries up over on the Year Apart page if you haven't been there yet. I was going to take pictures of the tent this afternoon but I stayed late at work and then the WildChild and I went for a walk.

I learned, during this walk, that one of our bikes is missing. John's bike to be exact. She told me that one of her friends said that she'd seen the bike in someone's front yard. First off, I feel like an ass for not realizing that it was even missing. I honestly had no idea. And I park behind the damn thing every day. I'm assuming it has been gone for at least a week. I'm also assuming that it was one of the kids in the neighborhood that took it.

Not that I want to delve too deeply into the wading pool of 13 year old emotions, but damn I am surprised. Don't other parents KNOW when their kid comes home with a bike that doesn't belong to them? I may not notice when one of ours is missing but I sure as hell notice when something extra is there. The next thing that bothers me is that if it was one of the kids that took it, it is probably a kid that doesn't like my kid. Again...perhaps I am an ostrich and don't know what my child is up to 24/7 but by golly, I sure know about 16/7 where she is and what she is doing. And these kids used to spend all kinds of hours at my house this past summer. Spending the night, watching TV, whatever. Now, for whatever reason (and the WildChild claims not to know) she isn't quite cool enough anymore. She said hello to one little girl and the girl said "Don't ever talk to me again." and walked away. I dug a little bit to see if WC would tell me if anything had happened but she honestly seems to be in the dark about the whole thing. She just said "Mom, it is like I'm an outcast now but I don't know why!" I said all the things that a mom is supposed to say about kids being fickle and friends coming and going. She's a good kid and I don't know, maybe that is the problem? Is she too good? Too much younger than her peers?

What are you supposed to do as a parent? I think we all want our kids to be "the popular and cool kid" so that they don't have their feelings stomped on. I hate seeing her going through this awkward stage. I know that some of her friends are already getting in trouble for doing things like skipping classes (and how in the hell you do that at a middle school is beyond me!) and one of her friends has even confessed to giving a hand job. I know....a hand job! AT 13! Can't say that I'm too displeased about that girl not coming over any longer, but she does seem to be the root of some of the problems in WC's social life right now.

It bothers me a little to not hear the phone ringing like it used to. It bothers me when she is home almost moping yet claiming that nothing is wrong. I've asked pointed questions and the response is always the same. Things are fine, school was fine, the kids are OK.

I don't know...but I know we're going walking every weekday. I think it is good for the two of us to just go out and walk in the dark. I don't know if she would have even said the outcast statement if we were face to face. Things are easier to talk about in the dark, right?

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