November 23, 2003


So I own one of these now. I figured that if I'm going to try and cook a turkey "properly", I should probably have something more substantial than an aluminum roasting pan.

I also bought a tin of cookies because I fell in love with the tin. And some Christmas cards that made the WildChild and I laugh out loud repeatedly the rest of the time in Target. And a few little odds and ends to mail to John.

We came home, cycled some laundry in and out of the washer and dryer and sat down for a nice snack of milk and cookies. Quite nice on a rainy day if you ask me.

I now have to finish putting away a bunch of clean clothes and do a bit more folding. The dishes are done from dinner and the leftovers put away. We're both showered and ready for bed. Of course, I should stay awake for a while longer since it isn't quite 6pm.

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