November 22, 2003

Thinking about turkey

It is that time of year again...when I wish that I had tons of family living close by so that I could have a house full of people for the holidays.

This won't be the first holiday that we've spent without John. I certainly hope that it is the last.

We weren't going to do the whole turkey thing. Just a chicken and some of the fixings. But then the idea of not having turkey sandwiches...just so sad. And seeing everyone on FoodTV brining and cooking turkeys? Just made me more sad. So sad that we went to the store and bought a turkey and all the stuff to make with it. For the two of us. Oh shut up, most of it freezes quite well!

I was talking to my little sister about brining the turkey. She almost jumped through the computer to tell me that I HAVE to do it this year. And I have to do the cooking upside down thing for the first hour. And that I have to immediately send pictures to her when I drop it on the floor trying to flip it over. Bitch! :)

There are some things that I want...I want some of the medium sized white corning ware baking dishes...preferrably round. The oval ones I have just seem too big for the two of us. I also want to find a nice roasting pan and rack so that I can stop using the cheap ass aluminum thing from the grocery store. Man, those Calphalon pans are EXPENSIVE! But I lust for one nonetheless. I'll have to shop the sales I suppose.

Anyway...we're still here and getting ready for the holidays. We've decided to make some of our holiday gifts, so I can't talk about them here. We should have a great time making them. Maybe that is something we can do next weekend.

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