November 15, 2003


It almost hurts to breathe. To realize that he's gone. He is. We left him at the unit as they were preparing to load the bags onto the trucks. I don't know why I thought this time would be easier. Perhaps because it had been so long since we've had to do this, to say goodbye for an extended period of time. Your heart and mind tend to forget those feelings.

I'm sad. My buddy is gone and I already miss him horribly.

We should be getting pictures from him eventually. John and I went shopping yesterday afternoon and bought a new digital camera. I was just going to buy the same exact camera that I had and buy a new dock later on to mail to him. He just couldn't stand the idea of taking a brand new camera to the desert, so he bought me a nicer camera and took mine. It is the DX6440 Kodak. Quite nice and I've already been taking pictures. There are pictures from meeting Ty this afternoon as well. I'm all red and puffy since I had been crying.

I'm going to go expand the webspace a bit and create a blog and gallery for him to use. We'll find out in a few weeks what the internet situation is like for them. Either he'll be posting things himself or emailing stuff to me to post. Either way, I'll toss up a link when it is all ready. Any ideas on what I should call it? Leave me a comment...I'm just too mentally exhausted to think of a title right now.

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