November 08, 2003


Dear Matrix Revolutions,

You were nowhere near the wonderfulness that was the first movie. Yes, you had a few bits of good stuff, but overall, not nearly as good nor as fun to watch. The fight scenes were nice...and more of them would have made me happier.

Of course, I'll still buy the DVD when it comes out.


Dear Love Actually,

Please be a good movie. The trailer looked wonderful as did the little bit during the preview show. I know it is the typical sappy chick-flick and all, but I really think that is exactly what I need right now. A cheery movie to get me away from reality for a little bit.


Dear woman at Revolutions,

Obviously your olfactory senses have led you astray. When you are wearing so much perfume that I can practically taste it...that might be too much. When you are wearing a scent that is so strong it overtakes the lovely smell of my theater popcorn...that might be too much. When you are wearing so much perfume that my eyes start to water a bit...that is too much.

I'm not even allergic to perfume and just being around you made me feel a million times more sympathetic to those that are.

Please go hose yourself off-ly,

Dear time,

Please slow down...OK?


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